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You must do the thing that you think you cannot do.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Everything is always impossible before it works.
- Hunt Greene

What's New & Happening!

As of 11/9/2005, Definitely a time of transition for me. Laura Cater-Woods, in a class I recently took from her (Fabrications 2005 - great retreat!) said I needed to give myself a transition period. I thought "Naw, I got it nailed!". Ha! I feel like a fish out of water, glub, glub. So many directions to go and so little focus. I guess this will be my "blog" as I figure my way through this. I hope to be able to add some things to the "Gallery" section soon. But, I have 7 years of catching up on "chores" to do too. I'll keep you posted!

As of 11/2/2005, The Fiber Art Supply division of Scarlet Zebra is closed. I'm finally going to concentrate on what I really want to be doing so, to quote Douglas Adams (Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) "So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish!" I hope you wander by my site on occasions to see what we are all up to here and to take a peek at our current projects. Well, when I get some current projects  ;o)

A great big Thank you to all those who attended QSDS (Quilt/Surface Design Symposium) and shopped at the vendor's mall. As always, the two weeks spent in Columbus where the highlight of my year! The atmosphere is so charged with creativity. The students are so enthusiastic. The instructors are inspirational. The vendors are so great (I spent waaayyyy too much $$). The staff is great and the classes are too much fun! And last, but not least, is the camaraderie of all the attendees. The friends I've made over the last 4 years as a vendor have been very precious. And this year, a first for me; I took a class! I left my daughter in charge of the booth for two whole days and took Christine Zoller's Silk Painting class during session III. I had so much fun and learned so much. I even made some really cool fabric. If you are patient enough, it will eventually get put up on the web site in a Gallery section. All I want to do now is play with fabric!

A decision I've been struggling with for a little while now is finally made and committed to. I've decided to close the supply division of the business. What this means for you is that you will have to buy your supplies from some of the other fine suppliers that are out there. Two of the biggest are Pro Chemical & Dye (East Coast) or Dharma Trading Co. (California).
What this means for me is that I can stop going through life with my nose pressed against the window. I'm going to spend my time in my studio, making fiber art instead of envying others who have (or make) the time for it. I also hope to do some designing and teaching. Since I started my business in 1998 in a tiny little shop in downtown Mesa, Arizona, I have thought I would be able to create some great fiber art during the "slow times". Surprise! There are no "slow" times. When you run a business, even if it's only a web site business, it's always a mad rush to get caught up with what you need to have done. My "to do" list was always so long and overwhelming, I got exhausted just looking at it  ;o)  For seven years I've been moaning about "no time". Well, as my wonderful friend, Bobbie Vance keeps telling me "you have to make time". I've been trying for years and finally gotten it through my thick head that there are only so many hours in a day and I can't be cloned (not yet, at least) and life is too short to spend it wishing! Something had to give. So, I'm done whining and going back to my studio. It is with mixed feelings I make this change. The biz has been a wonderful excuse for me to hobnob with the best of the fiber folk. My customers have often become my friends and I've also loved doing it. But change is always inevitable and I'm always up for a change (is that why we've moved around so much?). It could also just be that 7 year itch, or...  turning 50?
Mostly I want to thank all my wonderful and terrific customers - YOU - for 7 great years! I've been inspired by you and learned from you, you are great! And, I want to thank my wonderful family. My hubby, Jack and my daughter, Ashland have supported and encouraged (not to mentioned worked into many wee hours of the night) my efforts with as much enthusiasm and elbow grease as I could wish. Jack has not only supported me with a non stop positive attitude and hard labor but, he's also been a non complaining financial backer. Ashland has not only been my slave labor but my creative consultant. I couldn't have done it with out either of you. Thank you and I love you both!


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